BMC Develops Virtualization Product Line

September 4, 2008 —  Reactive monitoring will only inform IT management about virtualization problems after they’ve developed, but a leading provider of business service management tools is providing what it calls a comprehensive and unified approach to managing virtualized systems.

BMC unveiled its virtualization management campaign on Tuesday with a mix of nine products and services that the company says are based on a closed-loop approach to change and configuration management. These products are for both physical server hardware and virtualized software installations.

BMC’s new virtualization vision starts with a planning management service and moves on to performance management, application analytics and capacity management tools. BMC’s Discovery Solution can locate virtualized servers in AIX, IBM, Solaris and VMware mainframe environments. The BladeLogic Virtualization Module provides configuration and provisioning tools for use at all levels of the virtualization stack, to help ensure licensing and regulatory compliance, and to enforce server hardening best practices.

The BladeLogic Operations Management Suite is also singled out in this scheme, with automated compliance and remediation capabilities that can even put non-compliant virtualized servers in a form of time out if they fail to meet audit specifications, notes BMC.

Finally, the Run Book Automation Platform and an adapter for VMware systems are enlisted to help administrators automate routine change management tasks on physical and virtual servers alike.

“Our competitors continue to focus on the hardware aspects of virtualization,” said Kia Behnia, CTO of BMC’s enterprise service management business unit. He went on to contrast BMC’s tools for managing both physical and virtual infrastructure with methods that can monitor individual virtual machines, but rely on other tools to provide views of the physical underpinnings or the overall architecture.

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