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SharePoint Spotlight: Susan Hanley
Apr 15, 2014 02:18 PM
Hanley shares her top-down leadership approach and how it can get projects moving in your organization

A clear message about the future of SharePoint Server
Apr 9, 2014 01:37 PM
Microsoft will maintain its support for Yammer, and may update it more often

KWizCom announces its full support for SharePoint 2013 compatibility mode
Apr 8, 2014 02:28 PM
KWizCom Corporation announces its full support for SharePoint 2013 compatibility mode

AvePoint builds a bridge to safeguard data in the new release of Compliance Guardian
Apr 1, 2014 03:19 PM
Update adds new features to mitigate risk across more information gateways

Push your CQWP into overdrive with Overrides
Mar 26, 2014 09:00 AM
Overrides let you get under the hood of the CQWP to boost performance

K2 announces K2 for SharePoint 2013 release
Mar 25, 2014 12:34 PM
K2 today released an updated K2 for SharePoint

SharePoint Online's cloud storage gets an upgrade
Mar 18, 2014 11:05 AM
SharePoint gets a 1TB site collection limit for OneDrive for business and team sites and infinite tenant storage scale
What’s YOUR strategy? Part 2
By Eric Riz (Apr 8, 2014 03:43 PM )
In my article last month, I wrote about SharePoint strategy, specifically around ...

Turning SharePoint RO-why into ROI
By Loren Johnson (Mar 27, 2014 12:35 PM )
Organizations all around the world use SharePoint as a one-stop shop for company ...

Choosing between SP2010 and SP2013 workflows
By Andy Wessendorf (Mar 18, 2014 12:27 PM )
SharePoint 2013 has a myriad of new features, bells and whistles. One of those n ...

What’s YOUR strategy?
By Eric Riz (Mar 11, 2014 03:43 PM )
In the SharePoint world there are two types of roles: Those that are considered ...

Is not upgrading the easiest way to upgrade your solution?
By Brian Prigge (Mar 3, 2014 12:00 PM )
Every developer spends time updating existing code. Whether to add new features, ...

SharePoint and modern Web design
By Mark Watts (Feb 26, 2014 09:48 AM )
Web developers that don’t work with SharePoint get all the new toys. It seems l ...
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Book Excerpt: SharePoint 2013 Branding and User Interface Design
By Randy Drisgill, John Ross and Paul Stubbs
In this excerpt, Randy Drisgill, John Ross and Paul Stubbs go over what branding is and why you may want to implement it. They provide instruction covering three kinds of SharePoint sites.
Book Excerpt: Essential SharePoint 2013
By Scott Jamison, Susan Hanley and Chris Bortlik
This excerpt from "Essential SharePoint 2013: Practical Guidance for Meaningful Business Results" covers Chapter 2: Planning Your Solution Strategy. In the chapter, authors Scott Jamison, Susan Hanley and Chris Bortlik explain whether SharePoint is an application, a platform or a framework while laying out what's new in SharePoint 2013. They also plot out a SharePoint Strategy Roadmap, going over business objectives, stakeholders and relevant capabilities.
Book Excerpt: PowerShell for SharePoint 2010 How-To
By Steven Mann
Here is an excerpt from "PowerShell for SharePoint 2010 How-To," by Steven Mann. The excerpt covers chapter 2: PowerShell Basics.
Book Excerpt: "Beginning SharePoint 2010"
By Amanda Perran, Shane Perran, Jennifer Mason, Laura Rogers
Here is an excerpt from "Beginning SharePoint 2010," by Amanda Perran, Shane Perran, Jennifer Mason & Laura Rogers. The excerpt covers chapter 2: Working with SharePoint lists.
Book Excerpt: "SharePoint 2010 Disaster Recovery Guide"
By John L. Ferringer and Sean McDonough
Here is an excerpt from "SharePoint 2010 Disaster Disaster Recovery Guide," by John L. Ferringer and Sean McDonough. It covers chapter 9: SharePoint 2010 Central Administration Backup and Restore.

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