Metalogix Announces General Release of Migration Manager For SharePoint 5.0 With Full Nintex Workflow Support And Enhanced High-Fidelity Migrations In Excess Of 500GB Per Day

December 20, 2011 —  (Page 1 of 2)
Metalogix Software, the trusted provider of content lifecycle management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange and Cloud platforms, today announced the general release of Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint v5.0. The solution includes powerful performance enhancements to address the operational need for speed when moving, upgrading or migrating SharePoint, including multithreading technology. These performance enhancements provide radical gains in migration speeds, while simultaneously ensuring high-fidelity movement and integrity of SharePoint environments.

Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint v5.0 includes full support for Nintex Workflow. Used by millions of users in thousands of organizations around the world, Nintex Workflow is recognized by analysts as the most-utilized and most popular workflow tool for SharePoint. Business users and IT professionals use Nintex Workflow to quickly and easily automate business processes entirely within SharePoint, from a simple approval request to complex integration across external applications. With the combination of Migration Manager for SharePoint v5.0 and Nintex Workflow, organizations can deploy a fully-featured and highly-optimized SharePoint environment.

“Like Nintex, Metalogix Software is a trusted provider of innovative SharePoint products,” said Wayne Woolston, Managing Director, Nintex. “Their comprehensive solution for migrating content into SharePoint allows organizations to plan and conduct upgrades, consolidations, reorganizations and transformation of their SharePoint environments, with peace of mind as well as realizing the value of SharePoint 2010 and Nintex Workflow 2010. That is why we welcome Metalogix Software to our partner program as a Technology Partner.”

Migration Manager for SharePoint v5.0 speeds site migrations and upgrades from days to minutes non-disruptively as customer beta testing revealed more than 1,000% performance improvements by leveraging sophisticated multithreading techniques. Utilizing multithreading, Migration Manager for SharePoint can split migration tasks over multiple operations to run them simultaneously to achieve record migration speeds and performance. Additionally, with previously announced enhancements to Metalogix StoragePoint and its Binary Large Objects (BLOB) offloading, high-fidelity migrations can move more than 125GB per hour. Migration Manager for SharePoint also offers improved incremental copy intelligence to skip seamlessly over settings and content that does not need to be migrated – a feature that is especially useful for SharePoint environments with multiple layers of sub-sites.  

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