Idera, Falconstor expand SharePoint backup, recovery

May 11, 2009 —  An end-to-end recovery solution has been spawned from a new partnership between Windows server management software company Idera and storage management company Falconstor.

Idera’s SharePoint Backup, coupled with Falconstor’s FDS data deduplication and replication technology, offers users end-to-end  automated backup and recovery of site collections down to the document level, according to Rick Pleczko, president and CEO of Idera. “This lets end users recover anything they want depending on the conditions you put upon them, and saves admins a heck of a lot of time,” he said.

As SharePoint data grows within organizations, the capability within FDS to do deduplication can result in a huge savings in storage costs. “Users can store masses of SharePoint historical data with very little overhead,” Pleczko said. “The dedupe runs at about 90%.”

Idera made the announcement today at Microsoft’s TechEd conference, where Idera also announced version 6.0 of its flagship SQL monitoring product with automated problem resolution and alerting. Pleczko explained that when an organization is running low on space in a database, for example, the monitor will automatically specify corrective action and launch an executable to incrementally provision more space. Or, if a database log file is near full, the monitor can run a job to groom the log, Pleczko said. This cuts down on having to ask the database administrators to take on these tasks, freeing them up for larger projects and cutting down the time and cost of getting these jobs done.

Idera also released version 3.0 of PowerShell Plus, with new “quick-click solutions” that are prepackaged scripts for common management tasks for SharePoint.

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