Changing the Face of Identity Management

July 21, 2008 —  (Page 1 of 4)
The game is changing for identity management, and an increasing number of companies are quickly innovating to meet new challenges, such as identity life-cycle management, role management and auditing needs.

New research released by market intelligence firm IDC shows that companies worldwide are increasingly looking for end-to-end solutions built on a common platform, providing integration, management, reporting and workflow capabilities. To address this demand, IDC predicts increasing vendor consolidation in the identity access management (IAM) market. And the trend has already started.

In 2008 alone, Sun acquired Vauu Inc., IBM acquired Encentuate, Quest Software acquired PassGo Technologies, Ping Identity acquired Sxip Access (a product for on-demand identity management) from Sxip Identity, and Hitachi bought a majority stake in M-Tech.

“Spending is expected to continue to be strong as organizations turn to IAM solutions to help manage risk, improve corporate oversight, protect assets, improve productivity, reduce cost and complexity, and enforce and simplify the compliance process,” said IDC analyst Patrik Bihammar. “Key developments in the IAM market over the forecast period [by 2012] will include its role within the broader governance, risk and compliance market; application-, service- and user-centric identity management; and integration between IAM and security information and event management, network access control, and system management solutions.”

A 2008 Forrester Research report predicts that identity and access management will explode over the next few years; specifically, the firm estimates that what was a US$2.6 billion market in 2006 will grow to $12.3 billion by 2014. In addition, during the next seven years, Forrester said that buying behavior will migrate from point products to identity suites—and, to a lesser extent, from products to managed services.

According to Forrester, the provisioning elements of IAM suites and products are of most interest to enterprises, as they provide the capability to impose access restrictions on users as they are added to the network, making it easy to identify who they are and what data they should have. Over time, the research firm said that vendors will increasingly offer provisioning and other IAM capabilities as services, further simplifying identity management.  

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