Western Digital Improves HD Speed

June 19, 2008 —  Western Digital's new RE3 series of SATA hard drives began shipping this morning, with a second processor added to the series.

The drives come in three sizes: 240, 320 and 500GB, and all spin at 7,200RPM. Western Digital says the new series of drives speed up access times by up to 20 percent.

Western Digital's RE3 series is the third generation of the company's SATA hard drive lineup. The drives also include updated and improved vibration detection hardware, allowing them to function faster and in high-vibration environments. Each drive includes a multi-axis shock sensor that can detect movement and snap read heads back in place before they accidentally touch the platters due to movement. The company said RAID users will benefit from time-limited error recovery, which minimizes the time needed to salvage a drive that's gone sideways.

Western Digital would not discuss pricing regarding the RE3 series, leaving it to channel partners.

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