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AvePoint works with Rackspace to extend vital management features to hybrid SharePoint deployments By SPTechWeb Newswire AvePoint announced AvePoint software will be available to customers of Rackspace 7/14/2014 1:00:00 PM
Practice uses for Yammer By Allison Mills How teams can use Yammer to increase efficiency and productivity 7/11/2014 4:02:00 PM
New release of AvePoint Meetings takes more steps to end unproductive meetings By SPTechWeb Newswire AvePoint’s latest release allows business users to control the chaos and further simplify everyday meetings 7/8/2014 4:39:00 PM
SP Marketplace partners with Qorus Software By SPTechWeb Newswire SP Marketplace partners with Qorus Software for document generation in its SharePoint / Office 365 business applications 7/1/2014 10:03:00 AM
Crow Canyon releases Discussion Column Web Part; improves ticket, task, and project logging in SharePoint By SPTechWeb Newswire Crow Canyon’s Discussion Column provides a clear and simple way to track and log the on-going conversation 6/19/2014 9:00:00 AM
Integrate Dynamics CRM privileges with SharePoint permissions with Connect Bridge By Rob Marvin Integration platform can sync files and documents between different security models of SharePoint and Dynamics 6/18/2014 10:31:00 AM
Create apps from workflows in SharePoint 2013 By SPTechWeb Newswire A new product unlocks advanced workflow capabilities to ease the job of administering complex systems 6/9/2014 1:14:00 PM
Microsoft releases ‘document conversations’ for Office 365 By David Rubinstein Yammer collaboration features are now in Office apps 6/3/2014 12:54:00 PM
Timlin Enterprises launches new 100% on-shore SharePoint managed services support By SPTechWeb Newswire A new product from Timlin Enterprises 5/29/2014 1:28:00 PM
Bamboo Solutions releases Calendar Plus SharePoint App By Christina Mulligan The app for Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 allows users to share info related to display events, tasks and initiatives 5/22/2014 3:44:00 PM
Accusoft and Tech Data partner to offer SharePoint Viewer in the Solutions Store By SPTechWeb Newswire Offering secure document viewing for SharePoint farms 5/9/2014 9:46:00 AM
SP Marketplace forms partnership with MetaVis By SPTechWeb Newswire MetaVis is partnering with SP Marketplace to provide Office 365 business automation and content management to SMBs 5/8/2014 9:00:00 AM
New release of DocAve 6 extends AvePoint’s support of SharePoint infrastructure management and data governance By SPTechWeb Newswire AvePointt announced the release of its enterprise-class platform for infrastructure management and data governance 5/6/2014 12:22:00 PM
Knovel offers software development kit for integration with Microsoft SharePoint By SPTechWeb Newswire With integration, search queries via SharePoint will include results from Knovel's trusted engineering references 5/6/2014 10:29:00 AM
Introducing HiSoftware Site Sheriff for managing SharePoint access and content security By SPTechWeb Newswire New solution provides dynamic access, deny rules and a zero-footprint secure viewer 5/5/2014 2:30:00 PM
SP Business Suite for Office 365 now available with end-user SharePoint help system By SPTechWeb Newswire SP Marketplace offers ShowMe Just-In-Time-Learning for SharePoint and Office 365 with its Business Applications 5/2/2014 10:16:00 AM
Community launched to boost client-side SharePoint rendering By Christina Mulligan SharePoint enthusiasts Marc D Anderson, Elio Struyf, Mikael Svenson and Paul Hunt will lead the effort 4/30/2014 10:55:00 AM
Oris4 unveils SharePoint and integration By SPTechWeb Newswire Integration makes enterprise solutions play nice 4/29/2014 3:40:00 PM
SharePoint AMS releases latest version of its SmartForms software By David Rubinstein SmartForms is designed to fill the void left by the discontinuation of InfoPath 4/23/2014 9:00:00 AM
SharePoint Spotlight: Susan Hanley By David Rubinstein Hanley shares her top-down leadership approach and how it can get projects moving in your organization 4/15/2014 2:18:00 PM
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