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Click Next, choose Merged source, click Finish and click OK. This article is not a deep dive into the specifics, but what you would next open a Web part page in SharePoint designer and insert this new source onto the page. This data view Web part would display one big list of documents. This can be done in any version of SharePoint, including Foundation.

• Pros - Specific columns, grouping, sorting and filtering by metadata can all be configured using SharePoint Designer. There is no programming required.
• Cons - The SharePoint Designer software must be installed, and the user creating the Web part must have access to use this program. Basic understanding of SharePoint Designer and data view Web parts is helpful.

Here is a screencast that I recorded about how to create a data view Web part with merged libraries. It was created in 2007, but the concepts are the same.

Data View Web Part—Content Rollup
This is another Web part that can be created as a data view Web part using SharePoint Designer 2010. This Web part will roll up all content of any one content type. Some code tweaking in the HTML of the page is necessary for the functionality, but once this has been done, it will show a rollup of all items of a given content type. This can be done in any version of SharePoint, including Foundation.

• Pros - When new libraries are added, this Web part does not need to be modified; they are automatically rolled up.
• Cons - This Web part has some restrictions when it comes to the site columns that are used in the content type, and the steps to get it working correctly are a bit cumbersome. And, as with the merged sources, SharePoint Designer is required.

Here is a blog post that I wrote about how to do the rollup data view Web part.

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