Exchange Server 2007 Migration: Look Before You Leap

September 15, 2008 —  (Page 6 of 6)
When setting up and managing Exchange Server 2007, most organizations rely on third-party vendors to optimize Exchange Server performance. Hundreds of software and service solutions offer enhanced backup and restore, security and compliance, message archiving, and integration capabilities, which can make migration and management faster, easier and less expensive.

The caveat is that if administrators fail to use versions of those products that support Exchange Server 2007, or to get the guidance they need to migrate their software successfully, their headaches may mount during and after setup. Administrators thus should test the software’s functionality to ensure that it functions with the new platform and related software products.

Few would argue that delivering a current messaging system to employees is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage. Migrating to Exchange Server 2007 can be challenging, expensive, time-consuming and risky to business operations, but it doesn’t have to be. By taking the time to plan, design and test before starting the migration, administrators smoothly navigate the transition.

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