Idera SQL safe 7.0 Instantly Restores SQL Server Databases

January 31, 2012 —  Idera, a leading provider of Microsoft SQL Server administration, today announced Idera SQL safe 7.0. Idera SQL safe is a high-performance backup and recovery solution for Microsoft SQL Server. With the new, revolutionary Instant Restore technology in version 7.0, production databases can be recovered and online in minutes, not hours.

After a successful beta program, DBAs said, "Fantastic product!" and "I tested Instant Restore on a 200+GB database and was able to start querying data within one minute."

SQL safe Instant Restore virtually eliminates database and application downtime during a restore operation. It brings a database online in record-breaking time by streaming data from the backup file "on-demand" to support application and user requests while completing the restore operation in the background.

"SQL safe 7.0 actually buys time for DBAs and for end users by all but eliminating downtime caused by lengthy restores," said Heather Sullivan, Director of SQL Server Solutions at Idera. "The feedback we received during the beta program spoke volumes about the pain waiting for a traditional restore causes organizations and the tremendous benefits of being able to access databases and applications during a restore. SQL safe turns DBAs into heroes in their organizations!"

Pricing and Availability

Idera SQL safe 7.0 is available now and is priced at $995 per instance. Please visit to learn more, trial or buy SQL safe 7.0

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02/29/2012 06:58:59 PM EST

Mark,The "cms.schema_scripts" pagkace should contain your scripts, named according to the spec of "migrationXXXXXX.cfc" or "migrationXXXXXX.sql", depending on whether you're using CFC or SQL-based scripts. There MUST be exactly six digits in each filename, and they MUST be numbered sequentially starting with one (or 000001).If you've set up your mappings correctly, the demo should definitely work, so I'm not sure what's up. The easiest way to check your mapping is to do an expandPath on it (#expandPath('/cms/schema_scripts')# for your example above), and then pass that to CFDIRECTORY and see what files it returns. It should return the list of migration scripts. If not, you're misconfigured somewhere.Hope that helps.

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